Client Listing
Dianna Corma Star Maker finalist EP
Lawrie Minson Producer and musician Bobby Cash album
Bobby Cash International recording artist New Album
Garth Porter Producing CMAA Country Music Collage Album
Ted Howard Engineering Bobby Cash and CMAA Country Music College Album
Ross Wilson Daddy cool himself
James Gillard The Flood, Mondo Rock
Ian Lees Moving Pictures
Samantha McClymont Bobby Cash
Sally Anne Whitten Country EP
Matt Scullion Country Demos
Col Finley Country Producer
Ryan Sampson Country EP
Counterfiet Rock band EP
Simply Bushed Bush Band Album
Jack Fell Down Rock band Album
Inverell Luthren Choir Gospel DVD
Sumersault Rock band Album
Dean Johnston Country Album
Random Thoughts Rock band EP
Bitter Circle Rock Band EP
Diana Cormie Folk / Pop Debut Album
Gina Timms Country Debut Album
Lawrie Minson Band Country / Blues Album
Donella Plane Country / Jazz Album
The Lawnmowers Movie soundtrack ("Australia") Soundtrack
Simmone Quinn Country Album
Angelas Dish Drum Tracking - Rock Album
Willy Wilson Country Album
Steven Charles Jazz Single